Getting Your Tax Refund Without A W2 Form

Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Everyone's excited about what they'll get back, but a man in Columbia says he's had trouble filing his taxes because he says his employer never sent a W2.

"No I still haven't gotten a W2 from him yet," said Johnny Gordon on Tuesday.

Gordon spent part of his food service career behind the counter at Sadies Cafeteria inside the Richland Mall. Sadies closed last year, and Gordon says the tax paperwork never came in the mail from his old employer.

"Definitely, I need my tax money," Gordon said.

"The first suggestion is that they contact their employer," said Jean Funches, Taxpayer Advocate at the South Carolina Department of Revenue.

"If that employer is not available or they have closed, why not try the corporate office?" Funches said. "Sometimes the corporate office has that same information available."

Employees don't get their W2's often enough, the South Carolina Department of Revenue says they've made ways to file taxes without the form.

"You can use your last payroll stub, your wages and tax statement," Funches said.

You can also call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040. The IRS can provide you with information you can use to fill out your taxes.

"That transcript will have all of the information: the wages, the withholding," Funches said.

Gordon used a pay stub estimate to file, since he's without a W2.

"I went on and filed my taxes anyway," he said. "They estimated my taxes."


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