Preventing Grease Blockages in your Neighborhood

Columbia, SC (WLTX)- Victoria Kramer is hoping a little education will go a long way.

"One of our goals is to stop having these problems to begin with," said Kramer with the City of Columbia Department of Utilities and Engineering.

She says the city spends an average of $850,000 on grease blockage related issues every year.

"You may think it is just a little bit of grease, but when you do it everyday all of that grease and food particles end up clogging our sewer lines," said Kramer.

The city has been putting up signs in neighborhoods to alert customers there has been a clog in the area. Kramer says the solution to keeping the pipes unclogged is simple.

"Pour the grease in a tin can and let it cool before throwing it in the trash, just don't pour it down the drain," said Kramer.

to learn more about the "trash the grease" program Click Here


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