Orangeburg Library Closed Due to Flooding

Orangeburg library closed due to flooding

Orangeburg County, SC (WLTX) - The Orangeburg County library is closed until further notice because of flooding.

The library was flooded for the third time in just three years after Monday's heavy rain.

“I think about where the people are going to go to access computers, where they're going to be able to print things,” Library Director Anna Zacherl explained.

Zacherl said more than an inch of water rushed in after an unexpected flashflood. She said closing the library is a major hit to the community.

“We service between 17 and 18,000 people a month, the library director said. “You know we're really important to the community here, but you know thousands of people a month that we service depend on the services that we provide.”

As of now, the carpet and some ceiling tiles are the only things that are damaged. Library staff are hoping that they'll be able to get the humidity out of the air as soon as possible so the books won't be destroyed. They've packed the books tight together so the pages won't get damaged by the humidity.

Orangeburg County Administrator Harold Young says the flooding affected many other parts of the county too.

“The first critical facility was the library because of the books and the scenario. We also had some water infiltration at the law complex on the right side, which was in the actual sheriff's office, his personal office and down the hallway in one of the courtrooms,” Young said.

Zacherl says she is hoping to continue serving the people who need it most as soon as possible.

“So far we've only had one book lost, that's actually something that had fallen off the shelf unto the floor so I'm confident that we're going to be able to get the library back to the way that it needs to be,” Zacherl said.

She says she is excited about the new library that’s expected to be built in a few years.

However, until the library opens back up,  there are computers with free internet access available at the Orangeburg County Administrative Center at 1437 Amelia Street.

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