Outdoor Workers Are Feeling The Summer Heat

"It'll be exactly 14 years in November that I've been working recycling", said City of Columbia worker Neco Green.

On a typical route, Green spends anywhere between six to ten hours collecting recycling bins. He say's the weather he experiences through out the year comes with the job.

"You have to concentrate on what you are doing because if you think about the weather it gets that much worst. You know it's hot but you can't be out there thinking oh its hot, oh its hot. You'll never make it like that", said Green.

He's always prepared, he rides around with cooler that holds up to 5 gallons of water.

" I try to fill up, be cause the hotter it is you never want to run out of water", said Green.

Even postal worker Dan Nelson say's he won't let you down in the heat.

" It's hot but you know we deal with it because that's just the way it is. Early in the morning we are here all through the afternoon, so that's the way it is you have to keep on rolling", said Nelson.

City worker Earnest Bether say's at times the heat can get to him.

"These next two streets will do me in", said Bether.

While working outdoors, they have learned that in extreme heat, you have to take extreme measures to stay hydrated.

"I remember when I first started working for the city and I wasn't use to working in the extreme heat. I had a mistake of taking a break in the air condition area and instead of drinking Gatorade or water I drank soda go out in the route I felt like I was about to pass out", said Green.

To them, the heat has become a part of the job.

"You know it's hot and you know you have to drink plenty of fluids. But if you concentrate on what you are doing it helps you beat the heat", said Green.


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