Police Use Ballistics Reports, Arrest 3 in Connection to Shootings

Columbia Police arrest three in connection to shootings

Columbia, SC (WLTX)- Police have made a break in the string of shootings this summer, arresting three individuals in connection to three of those cases. 

The Columbia Police Department and Richland County Sheriff's Department say ballistics reports from the scenes connected to guns found on 20-year-old Markelton Tyvon Stephens, who they arrested and charged with five offenses including attempted murder. 

They say Stephens and a 16-year-old, who was also charged with attempted murder, were involved in the two shootings off Falling Springs Rd. that left two children injured.

Columbia Police also arrested and charged 18-year-old Kristina Lake, who they say drove the getaway car for Stephens after the shooting at Lakeside Avenue last month.

Chief Skip Holbrook and Sheriff Leon Lott said between July 22, 2016 and September 5, 2016, they have identified 16 shootings, that appear to be gang-related.  

"Some gang members out here who are basically think they're a bunch of thugs running around doing what they want to and shooting where they want to," Lott said. "Unfortunately not only are they shooting other gang members but we got innocent victims are being hit also; That puts all of us in danger."

Lott said they still need information in making arrests in the other cases, as many don't want to talk. 

"Gang members who are victims of the shootings or robbery, they don't want to talk," Lott said. "What happens then is you have multiple shootings in retaliation and we continue to have those shootings."

Below are the list of additional shootings provided by the Columbia Police Department. If you have any information, call Crime Stoppers at 1-888-CRIMESC

4332 Mellowood Drive 8/1 (RCSD)
Two victims wounded
Firearm Connection: Taurus .357

1600 Longcreek Drive 8/3 (RCSD)
One person wounded
Firearm Connection Taurus .357

100 Lorick Circle 8/5 (CPD)
At least four occupied apartments were damaged by bullets. No physical injuries to persons
Stolen car recovered from RCSD jurisdiction (keys left inside)
Firearms Connection: .380 Bersa, 9mm Lugar, .40 caliber

481 Town Center Place 8/5 (RCSD)
Purse Snatching
Witness’ vehicle was shot at while pursuing the suspect
Firearm connection: .40 caliber from Columbia College Drive & .40 caliber from Lorick Circle

130 Amsterdam Drive 8/6 (RCSD)
One person shot
Firearm connection: .380 Bersa

100 Columbia College Drive 8/13 (CPD)
Male shot in the leg; victim uncooperative
Alleged shooter Skylar Hillary – Died in a car crash
Stolen car from CPD jurisdiction used to commit the crime 
.40 caliber recovered during fatal crash investigation by SC Highway Patrol

1918 Woodfield Drive 8/15 (RCSD)
Multiple shots fired at a residence; No one injured
Firearm connection: .40 caliber

2928 Alpine Road 8/15 (RCSD)
Multiple shots fired at home; No one injured
Firearm connection: .40 caliber

228 Oakley Drive 8/18 (RCSD)
Multiple shots fired at home; No one injured
Firearm connection: 9 mm

2429 McKinley Street 8/20 (RCSD)
One person shot
Firearm connection: 9mm

5031 Brickyard Road 8/22 (CPD)
Property Damage only
Several shots struck an occupied house – No physical injuries
.380 Bersa

6400 Block Claudia Drive 8/22 (RCSD)
Shots fired at a group; No one person injured
Firearm connection: 9 mm

1913 Quaker Road 8/24 (RCSD)
Multiple shots fired at home; No one injured
Firearms connection: 9mm



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