Report: Richland Deputy Charged With Hindering Son's Arrest

Richland County Deputy charged with interfering with officers.

Kershaw, SC (WLTX) A Richland County Deputy has been charged with hindering officers in the arrest of her son by Kershaw County deputies.  

According to an incident report on September 6,  a little after 8 PM Kershaw county deputies pulled over a car driven by Victor Ortiz for suspected DUI.  The officer stated in the report that he observed the vehicle swerve several times before he initiated the stop. 

The deputy requested that Ortiz turn off the car, he believed at the time that the driver might flee, and according to the report Ortiz replied "For What?".   The officer stated the he also smelled alcohol coming from the vehicle and asked him to step out of the vehicle and again Ortiz said, "for what?" and refused to step out of the vehicle according to the report. 

The deputy asked a third time and Ortiz said "that he was about to call Randy Scott".  Randy Scott was the former Columbia chief of Police and worked for the Richland County Sheriff's department.   The Kershaw officer said that was fine but he needed to step out of the vehicle.   Ortiz stated that there was no reason for him to step out of the car according to the incident report.  

The officer continued to ask Ortiz to get out of the vehicle as he waited for backup, the whole time Ortiz was on the phone to someone asking where Randy was and make the statement that Randy will take care of this.  

During the stop a Richland County vehicle arrived on the scene and Richland County Sheriff Deputy Lisa Grazioli got out of her car and the Kershaw officer on the scene said that they did not believe that her Sheriff  would be very happy with her being involved in our situation and she told the deputy on scene that Ortiz was her son.   The deputy asked Grazioli if she was driving the Richland County vehicle and she said yes and he advised her to go back to her car. 

At this time he asked Grazioli to again step back to her vehicle and she refused according to the report. 

The Kershaw Deputy gave Ortiz a command to step out of his vehicle and informed him that he was under arrest for public disorderly conduct and he was being placed under arrest according to the report.    

The deputy opened the car door and again asked him to step out and he refused, so the deputy with backup attempted to remove Ortiz from the car.   Grazioli was standing near the car and one of arriving deputies escorted her back to her car.   As the deputy returned to the arrest, Grazioli attempted to push past the officer, she was again told to get back because she was interfering.  She told the deputies that she was trying to record and he told her that they were recording the incident.   

The deputy told Grazioli to place her hands behind her back, she would not.  The deputy had to bend her over the hood of her son's car and handcuffed her as her son was being handcuffed by two other deputies. 

She told deputies that she had been told by Randy Scott to record the incident, she went on to say to the deputies that she of all people knew better to interfere with officers attempting to make an arrest and she said that it was her child.  

Lisa Grazioli was charged with hindering officers, her son, Victor Ortiz was charged with operating a vehicle without registration and license, resisting arrest, public disorderly conduct.  

Sheriff Leon Lott issued a statement confirming the charges against his deputy and stated that disciplinary actions were taken.  Grazioli is back at work according to the department. 





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