Richland County Preparing For June Primary

Columbia, SC (WLTX) - We are three weeks away from the June Primary in the Palmetto State and once again all eyes will be on the embattled Richland County Election Commission.

"We are planning for success," said Interim Director, Samuel Selph.

Sounds familiar?

That's a saying that the voters in Richland County have heard for years now. Since the election debacle there have still been problems, missing votes, uncounted votes and broken voting machines.

Selph is implementing new ideas but he's also facing a new challenge with more precincts; something he said is a good challenge.

"We feel that splitting the large precincts it gives us a better opportunity to serve the voters when they come in and vote quickly and be gone."

With 1,300 poll workers and 150 precincts he says they are prepared for the June Primary.

They have also brought on more technicians.

"We have 30 PLT's and those are polling technicians and what they do is go out to the precinct when there is an issue with a machine. So 30 meaning there is 1 technician for every 5 precincts to work with during Election Day."

Another issue that has plagued the Election office is that votes have gone uncounted.

Selph has implemented a cubby system that would make dedicated slots for each PEB or Personal Electronic Ballot to sit in when it is brought to the office to be counted.

"When that green PED is put into the unity machine and the counts are taken it is put in its cubby hole and we know going forward what has been checked in and what hasnt been checked in. It wont be a thing that we have experienced in the past of where is the absentee votes, where is the count from ward 8? We won't have this problem this time."

He says no election is perfect but he doesn't plan on having any major issues.

For Richland County voters, having a smooth run election is unfortunately something they have to see to believe.


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