Richland One Program Offers Second Chances

COLUMBIA, SC-- A second chance is all some kids need in order to get their life on the right path.

Educators at one midlands school district are making sure they do all they can to help students who don't always fit in.

Brittannie Foster is a freshman at Benedict College but you would never know that she was kicked out of high school.

"I always knew that I wanted to go to college but I always thought. How am I going to get there?", said Foster.

"We believe in second chances and we want to give them a second chance to get their life on track, because sometimes there are things that throw their lives off track that might not be under their control. So what we do is try to provide them with what they need in order to get their life back on track", said Abel.

Kerry Abel coordinates the dropout prevention program that helps kids who need the extra support to earn a high school diploma.

In May, Foster graduated from Richland district One's evening school.

She is the first to say the program helps

"I was terrible, I was something else but they stuck by me and they didn't kick me out they didn't just throw me back in the wind… they stuck by me and I ended up really loving it here", said Foster.

Jarrid Sumter joined the program last year and is on track to graduate on time.

"It gives you the extra attention that you need. If you feel like you need extra help in your classes, I mean, the teachers here, they really work with you. You know, they don't leave you slacking on your work or nothing. They give you all the information you need", said Sumter.

Able say's he understands that it takes a while for things to improve when investing in students but it's worth it in the long-run.

"When you put as much time as we put in for the program and you can see them where the start and see where they are it brings joy to your heart and that's why we are here", said Able.

Foster says that it's because of the program she's a better person.

"I really improved a lot to show them that their family. A second family to me. Another part of me. Without them I wouldn't be the female I am today", said Foster.

For more information about this program Richland One Dropout Prevention Program


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