SC Will Not Ignore Common Core When Writing New School Standards

Columbia, SC (WLTX) State lawmakers were assured Thursday that South Carolina will not ignore the current Common Core standards in math and English when new standards are written. State education superintendent Mick Zais had ordered the panels writing the new standards to ignore Common Core completely.

That worried state lawmakers because they passed a law this year requiring the state to review the Common Core standards, so they say ignoring them and writing new ones would violate that law. They called a meeting Thursday to find out from the state Department of Education whether it would follow that law.

Dr. Zais was not at the meeting but his spokesman, Dino Teppara, told lawmakers, the chair of the state Board of Education, and the director of the Education Oversight Committee, that Zais spoke "inartfully" when he said the groups writing new standards would ignore Common Core.

"The plan is to start off with a blank sheet of paper and that you'll be able to look at the previous standards, the current standards (Common Core), and standards around the country. You can look at them all and then you'll develop new standards based on that," Teppara said after the meeting.

He said the panels will not simply revise or put a new name on the same Common Core standards.

Melanie Barton, director of the Education Oversight Committee, says teachers, parents, and administrators will also have input on the current standards. They can do that at

"It's important for teachers who are currently teaching the current standards to have input in this process, so that's what the online survey is about," she says.

The new standards are supposed to be written, reviewed, and ready for use by the start of the 2015 school year.


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