Telephone Trouble For Midlands Business

Columbia, SC (WLTX) - A Midlands business owner says their phone number has been hijacked and they don't know what to do.

Owners of Water Gardens By Bruney say they've been trying to keep up for the last two weeks after the number they used and gave to clients suddenly went away.

They learned about the problem from a customer who tried to set up an appointment one day and was connected to a totally different business

"Time Warner Cable gave our phone number to one of their new clients," said Pam Bruney.

Bruney and her husband found out about the problem after clients called to schedule appointments, but the number was all of a sudden connecting to an assisted living facility who had phone service through AT&T.

She's spent hours on the phone with both companies, trying to figure out how to get her old number back. If you call it today, a recording says the number is disconnected.

"Whoever did that at Time Warner wrote the number wrong and from what I can understand, on AT&T's end, they did not check that confirmation to make sure the number being requested was the number on the confirmation," Bruney said.

We reached out to Time Warner who says they're looking into what happened and want to remedy their customer's concern.

"We want our phone number back first and foremost. Second of all, we need compensation for our loss of income and loss of business," Bruney said. "Many people will think Water Gardens By Bruney is out of business because at this time when they call it says this number is no longer in service or has been disconnected and that will lead people to believe the business is out of business."

You can contact Water Gardens By Bruney at a temporary number: 803-212-8395


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