Truthful Tuesday Protester Pleads Guilty

Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- A Truthful Tuesday protester had his day in court, pleading guilty while others have opted to take their cases before a jury.

The group took part in the Truthful Tuesday protests at the State House, blocking lawmakers for enter the underground parking garage.

For three weeks, the group protested the Senate's consideration of a legislation known at the Obamacare Nullification Bill and the state's refusal to expand Medicaid.

"It's been estimated that over 1,000 people will die because they don't have insurance and people aren't really talking about that much. Over a 1,000 people will die because they do not have any insurance and our legislators don't seem to be interested in that they have their own political and self interests," said Jerry Moore.

Moore, 66, took part in the protest. He pleaded guilty to a person in the roadway charge, while others charged have asked for jury trials.

"I wish the people of South Carolina would really look into this. I think that a lot of our citizens and our legislators are listening to other people who have political motives and really do not care about the people of the state of South Carolina," said Moore.

A judge sentenced Moore to one day in jail, and gave him credit for the day he was arrested and no fine. He says he is now looking for other ways to make a change.

"I have other way I think that I can protest and other people can protest maybe even without going to court and I would like to pursue that in the future. I was part of the Occupy movement and really understand what the law are associated to being on and around the state house grounds and there's a lot of coverage and things that you can do and get your point across without being arrested and tying up the city courts," he said.

No date has been set for the jury trials of the other protesters.


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