Unusual Memorial For Victims of Gun Violence

Columbia, SC (WLTX) -Young adults from around the City of Columbia held a memorial service Wednesday for those who lost their lives to gun violence.

One by one Peggy Hoskins and others read the names of people who died at a young age due to gun violence.

As they read the name, they hung a wooden gun in a tree at the city's garden of peace.

"Three of my friends are on there," said Kristopher Davis.

One of those friends was Davis' cousin who was killed last year.

He wants people to know, there are some in the city trying to live their lives the right way; instead of turning to crime.

"Not all of us are out here shooting or selling drugs, its actually young men that are trying to be upstanding members of the community."

Dr. John Evans who heads the faith Coalition on Gun Violence was shocked to see the tree filled with wooden guns.

"All of that is very disheartening and its very sad to see that happen in our community," said Evans.

Davis hopes this unconventional memorial is a good way to show how bad the problem is in our community.

"If you don't learn from it it's going to keep happening. Its people trying to live up to that glorified hype of having a name in the streets so as long as people try to live up to that standard people will try to live of to senseless things. "

One day, he hopes they can look at the tree and the only things hanging from its branches are leaves.

"I've been to my cousins' grave every week and it shouldn't have to be like that, he could still be here with me. I know that every leaves at their time but its an eye opener that this really does happen affects more people than you think. "


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