West Columbia Man Celebrates His 103rd Birthday

The price of a postage stamp was just two cents when Earl Sease was born in 1911, and on Thursday he celebrated his 103rd birthday surrounded by family and friends.

Dozens showed up for the party at Lexington Gardens Assisted Living, where Sease showed off his ever-present personality by changing the song to "Happy Birthday to Me" while everyone sang.

Sease and his children, including 77-year-old Earl Junior say they never expected to see triple digits, but continue to cherish every day.

"Just another day in my age, really. I don't mean to expect it, it came," said Sease. "Nothing I can do about it!"

Earl Jr. says he's never seen anything like his father, who has better blood pressure than him.

"He lived by himself until he was 101," said Earl Jr. "He'd probably still be there, but he fell and broke his shoulder. He's amazing."

Sease's late wife lived into her 90's, and their kids say their secret was to live simply, without stress and to exercise.

Sease had logged 5,000 miles on his stationary bike in just a few years before coming to Lexington Gardens, and now walks laps in the halls to stay active.


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