Woman Says Stranger Fatally Shot Her Dog at Park

Sumter, SC (WLTX) - Nina Lambert says her one-year-old Rottweiler mix was fatally shot by a stranger in a Sumter Park on Thursday.

Lambert has been staying in Memorial Park with her son and two dogs since she lost her job.

Lambert says they were by a bench when a man walked up swinging his arms and her dog, Ayakashi, growled but didn't move. The man then fired one shot, killing the dog.

"There was my dog, she had a hole in her chest this big" said Lambert. "He blew a hole in her, she was gone. She took a couple breaths and that was all there was to it."

Lambert says the man made a remark, laughed and sprinted to his car. She later found out he went to the Sumter Police Department to file a report saying he acted in self defense because the dog was unleashed and he has a concealed weapon permit.

Lambert claims Ayakashi was on a leash and the man's actions don't make sense.

"Common sense would have been, you know, you would've said he was trying to hurt me I was defending myself. That would make sense to me instead of running and looking guilty," said Lambert. "I mean, he knows what he did, that's the only reason he ran."

Jacqueline Knoblock lives by the park and says she believes the man took advantage of having a concealed weapon and he could've reacted differently.

"I have one, my husband has one and we try to be responsible. I don't want this incident to turn into a rant against gun control. That seems to be the knee jerk reaction," said Knoblock. "There are people who do stupid things."

Sumter Police say because of the man's permit, he was lawfully carrying a gun. They add that according to the report, the dog was unleashed, so no charges will be filed.

Despite what happened, she has no ill will towards the man.

"I'm to pray for the man. Everybody has a judgement, he'll have his time and God does everything in his time," said Lambert. "I'm just going to pray for him."

Lambert plans to have witnesses come forward to dispute the report. She says she'll continue fighting to have charges filed because she believes the man had no reason to fire his weapon.


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