More Than $11K Worth of Levi's Jeans Stolen from JCPenney at Macon Mall

Over 150 pairs of Levi’s jeans, totaling over $11,000, were stolen over the course of two days from the JCPenney at the Macon Mall, according to a Bibb Sheriff’s Office incident report.

It says a deputy responded to a call reporting theft by shoplifting at the store on Eisenhower Parkway on Friday, Sept. 16. When he arrived, the loss prevention officer told him the store had several cases of theft beginning on Sept. 11.

He said the thieves were not the same in each instance, but they were stealing items the same way.

Sept.14 at 12:30 p.m. – A man and woman came into the store and went to the Levi’s jeans. The report says they grabbed as many pairs of pants as they could carry and ran out. That total was 70 pairs.

Sept. 14 at 7:57 p.m. – A man and woman came into the store and went to the Levi’s jeans. The man grabbed an arm full of jeans and the two ran out. That total was 40 pairs.

Sept. 15 at 10:11 a.m. – A man with a duffel bag went into the store and went over to the Levi’s jeans. After an employee reportedly spotted him putting the jeans into the bag, he ran out of the store and jumped into the bed of a pickup truck which drove off. That total was 40 pairs.

Sept. 16 at 12:23 p.m. – A man, believed to be the one from the day before, entered the store and went over to the Levi’s rack. The loss prevention officer went over and began to watch the man. The report says the man became nervous and dropped the jeans. He tried to get his duffel bag, which was left in another area of the store, but the officer came up to him and the man took off on his bike. 8 pairs of jeans were recovered.

On Sept. 11, a man came into the store, picked up and set of pots and pans, and walked out. On September 15, a woman went to the home goods section and walked out with a set of kitchen knives without paying.

The loss prevention officer told the responding deputy that the thefts totaled $11,300.

Surveillance footage was turned over to investigators and the thefts are under investigation.

Anyone with information should contact the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office at (478) 751-7500.


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