Bail Raised in Ex-NFL Star's Rape Case

LOS ANGELES -- Former NFL star Darren Sharper pleaded not guilty Thursday to charges that he raped two women.

California Superior Court Judge Renee Korn raised Sharper's bail to $1 million after he had posted $200,000 when he was arrested Jan. 17 in Los Angeles. He posted the $1 million Thursday and left the court in the backseat of Acura TSX.Korn also attached conditions to his bail: Sharper cannot be alone with any woman he did not know as of Oct. 30, 2013. He cannot go to any nightclubs or bars.

Sharper allegedly raped women after providing them with drinks laced with drugs that knocked them unconscious. Prosecutor Stacy Okun-Wiese listened to witness recordings and said, "It was like listening to the same person over and over again."

Also on Thursday, Okun-Wiese referenced two additional allegations of rape – one in Miami and a second incident in New Orleans.

That means police suspect Sharper of committing nine rapes and 11 related druggings since September, including in Las Vegas and Arizona. DNA evidence connects Sharper to one alleged rape in New Orleans, according to court documents. Tests also show the presence of the sedative drug zolpidem, -- also known as Ambien -- on a drink cup in the case being investigated by police in Tempe, Ariz.

A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for April 15.

Sharper's attorney, Leonard Levine, said they are prepared to litigate each and every allegation, and that the women ingested alcohol. "Was it consensual sex and was there sex at all?" he said to judge.

So far Sharper only faces criminal charges in Los Angeles, though that could change as prosecutors in other states complete their investigations. In Tempe, police this week released patrol reports of the alleged rapes there in November. According to those reports, Sharper went out to a nightclub with two women, returned with them to their apartment and insisted on them drinking some cocktails he made. One of them passed out almost immediately after drinking it, and the other started feeling ill, the report said.

When the woman who felt sick went to the bathroom, she said she became alarmed when she observed Sharper naked, on top of the other woman on the couch, the records show. Sharper then knocked on the woman's door in an apparent attempt to explain what she saw, saying that he and girl on the couch "have something going on." A third woman in the apartment woke up naked from the waist down and had no memory of how her clothing was removed.

When one of the women asked Sharper about these allegations, Sharper allegedly replied, "I don't really remember. I guess I could have done that. I'm really sorry."

The report noted that this woman wasn't sure if she wanted to aid the prosecution, a common problem in alleged rape cases.

Sharper played 14 seasons in the NFL starring for the Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints. He won a Super Bowl with the Saints after the 2009 season. He works as an analyst for the NFL Network although has been suspended as a result of his arrest.


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