George Zimmerman Living an Armed Life

Wearing a bulletproof vest and living in hotels, George Zimmerman took time out from his armed life on the move to sign autographs over the weekend at an Orlando gun shop.

Zimmerman told WOFL-TV that even inside a "secure" gun store among 200 supporters, he was still concerned about his safety in light of being acquitted in 2013 of murdering Trayvon Martin.

"I always stay cognizant of the fact that there are threats," he said Saturday at the Arms Room. "The concept of being able to pay them back for what they did for me and seeing my supporters face to face was something I just couldn't pass up."

"I walk around armed; I walk around with a bulletproof vest," he added. "It's not so much for my safety as it is so much for those around me."

He doesn't understand why many people are still angry at him.

"But I'm willing to talk to everyone and try and answer their concerns or questions, and (have) them realize there's no need to be angry," Zimmerman said.

Because the U.S. Justice Department is investigating Trayvon's death, he wouldn't talk about the February 2012 killing of the teen, which he said was self-defense under Florida's "stand your ground" law. He also wouldn't discuss recent traffic stops, his pending divorce or domestic troubles with a former girlfriend with whom he last lived.

Zimmerman did say he has no permanent home, shuttling from hotel to hotel, and has received treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder.

Monday in Tallahassee, hundreds marched to the state Capitol to call for the repeal of the 2005 stand-your-ground law.

"It's a flawed law," said Al Sharpton, who was joined by the parents of Trayvon and Jordan Davis, another unarmed black 17-year-old shot dead by a white man. "Because you don't need an actual threat. All you've got to do is believe a threat and you can use deadly force."


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