Newberry Walmart Employee Crashes Customer's Car

Newberry County, SC (WLTX) -- A Prosperity woman took her car in for an oil change, but ended up with a car she couldn't even drive.

"I need something to drive to get these kids to school," Misti Colson said.

Colson's youngest children have been stuck inside the house since Sunday afternoon

And it isn't due to the weather.

"It was time to get my oil changed anyway, my oil light came on, so I took it on in to Walmart. 10,15 minutes later they're calling me to come back," she said. "The manager walked in and he's like, 'I really don't know how to tell you this,' he said 'But, one of our techs has just crashed your car through the bay door and ultimately into the guardrail behind the store."

As you can see Colson's 2007 Saturn Ion isn't drivable.

The store manger told police two employees were working on the car when it crashed through the door and hit the guard rail.

After the incident, Walmart staff gave her the number to their insurance company.

"They pretty much washed their hands of me, or so I feel, and CMI is pulling teeth to get in touch with them," Colson said.

"My car is still sitting in the yard and that's a charge every day that it sits there, no rental car, no work, and I still have bills to pay and kids to take care of," she said.

Colson says all she really needs is a rental car. But, this single mom can't afford that right now.

"I never would have expected this from such a huge customer-oriented, supposedly customer-oriented, company like Walmart," Colson said. "I need something to drive to get myself to work until my car is repaired. I wasn't trying to get rich off of Walmart."

According to the police report, a technician was on the hood of the car as it crashed through the garage door.

EMS responded but he said he was okay.


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