Marcus Lattimore Speaks at the NFL Combine

8:37 PM, Feb 22, 2013   |    comments
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Indianapolis, IN (WLTX) - More than 300 of the top college prospects are in Indianapolis hoping to make a good impression at the NFL combine and Marcus Lattimore's goal is no different.

Lattimore suffered that season-ending knee injury in October and since his announcement that he was turning pro, has spent countless hours in Florida training and rehabilitating his knee. Lattimore and his doctor are in Indianapolis to answer questions from NFL doctors, coaches and scouts.

The former USC running back said he has been examined by doctors representing all 32 NFL teams in a process that lasted nearly four hours. He will also go through the rapid-fire question-and-answer sessions that all prospects endure as part of the evaluation process from NFL coaches. As Lattimore said in his press conference, NFL teams invest a lot of money in their players, so the evalation process covers all aspects of an athlete's life.

While Lattimore can't go through the drills that the prospects will do such as the 40-yard dash and shuttle runs, he hopes he has made a positive first impression with league officials which should enhance his draft stock.

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