Steve Spurrier: SEC Coaches for Giving Players Money

10:02 PM, Jul 16, 2013   |    comments
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HOOVER, Ala. (AP, WLTX) - South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier thinks it's unanimous among his SEC brethren: Football and basketball players should get some expense money, and Notre Dame should join a conference for football.
Spurrier opened his quip-filled media days address by saying the 28 football and men's basketball coaches were in favor of paying players about $300 a game in football and perhaps a little less in hoops.
He says only President Barack Obama could get him to back down from that push. Spurrier also says the coaches were each willing to pony up the $280,000 or so it would cost.
The head ball coach also says the football coaches all thought Notre Dame "should join the ACC and play football like all the rest of us."

And of course, he was asked again about how long he's been coaching, and how much longer he may go.

"I was hoping to be here 8-10 [years], now I'm hoping to be here 9-13, something like that," Spurrier said. "I've got an excellent coaching staff. Guys can recruit, coach. It is not as stressful a job for me, as maybe some coaches have. Summertime we get away from it and get refreshed and ready to go during the season. Burned out is not something I think I'm going to get. Not unless we go real bad (laughs).

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