Cardinal Newman Starts CrossFit P.E. Classes

With CrossFit sweeping the nation, a Midlands high school decided to make it a class.

"It's getting me stronger, faster," Lena Dubois said.

Dubois, a Cardinal Newman Freshman, plays basketball, runs track and might just try out for the golf team.

When she heard about the new Crossfit class, she was excited to sign up. But when she heard it was just for upperclassmen, she still found a way in.

"During my lunch time and homeroom and I just go andhe has a whole CrossFit class," she said.

Coach Evan Moxie says he's been overwhelmed with the popularity of the class.

"From the way it looks right now we'll actually go from one class a semester to possibly next year two or three CrossFit classes a semester," Moxie said.

CrossFit includes high intensity cardio, weight lifting and body weight exercises.

As an exercise trend, it's received negative criticism...some articles have even called it dangerous.
Moxie holds a Master's in Kinesiology -- the study of human movement and says it's all about taking it slow.

"We use PVC pipes and real lightweight things to teach all the proper form and then when we actually do the workouts, everything's scalable," he said.

"He really tells you what you can do and what you should try to do so it just helps you, I don't see it as a dangerous sport," Lena said.

Besides the physical benefits of the students working out 2 to 3 times a week, Moxie says it's totally re-evaluating the way they look at P.E. classes.

""It takes the ego out of P.E. because kids don't have to worry about coming in, 'Am I going to be the best at basketball? Am I going to be the best at throwing a football,'" Moxie said. "Now we can all work out, everybody gets to work out at the same time doing the same thing, may not be the same weights and it's still competitive."


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