Summer blockbuster action kicks off with The Winter Soldier! WLTX

(WLTX) - The Cap is back! And, this time, he can't trust anybody...not even SHIELD. In fact, Public Enemy Number One is his best friend from the forties!

Yes, that's right. Steve Rodgers wasn't the only survivor of a bygone era. His old pal "Bucky" Barnes was rescued and rejuvenated as well. He's become somewhat of a Soviet super-soldier himself. He isn't quite the specimen Steve is - but he's every bit as strong. An artificial arm and amnesia have only hardened this 95-year-old weapon of mass destruction. But can our righteous hero bring himself to terminate his old sidekick?

Fortunately, there's a new "wingman" he can count on for assistance. And, while Natasha "Black Widow" Romanoff is clearly on his side, her fearlessness often invites trouble instead of eliminating it. Everyone else's true allegiance remains uncertain. Regardless of their loyalty, the Captain will make sure that America prevails in the end!

So, is this a triumphant return of our most patriotic champion? Or is it just a bunch of red, white and blechh? Well, I'd say Marvel has made another fine film on par with their usual standards. Perhaps a bit too long, but I've come to expect that. Not exactly A-level status - but a solid B+.

Don't shield yourself from this one because "The Winter Soldier" makes for a cool time!

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