Lexington Co., SC (WLTX) - In Mrs. Jennifer Denny's 2nd grade classroom at Red Bank Elementary, learning the rules of grammar is important.

"We put a comma down," answers Ryan Starling, in response to his teacher's question.

However, grammar alone isn't as important as the meaning behind what's being written by the student's this week, as they take time to make Valentines Day cards for U.S. troops.

"We're going to make Valentines Day stuff for the soldiers out there," said one student.

"People don't get a hug, or not even a kiss, or a good bye!" explained student Jamia Smith. "But that is very sad so I think we should help them too."

"Who do we know that is deployed right now?" asks Denny. "Mr. Denny is deployed right now."

Many of her students are addressing their letters to Denny's husband.

"It's especially exciting for us because my husband is deployed right now and the kids have been contacting him and Skyping him and writing letters to him."

"Dear Mr. Denny," reads Starling, "I hope that you have a good Valentines and that you come home soon. From your friend, Ryan ."He doesn't really fight but he has his bible with him."

Denny's husband is a chaplain in Kuwait and from time to time will Skype with the class.

"Good morning Mr. Denny!" the students yell as Denny's husband appears on the screen.

His year long deployment ends in May, "so we have about 16 more mondays!" Denny says excitedly.

Liberty Tax Services provided all the material for the cards. They will be shipped out in time for Valentines Day.

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