Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Opening weekend for USC's baseball teamwasn't just asuccess for Gamecocks, but for area stores as well.

"It hasbeen crazy," said Bryan Harmon, with Garnet and Blacktraditions."It hasbeen a long weekend that we have been looking forward too."

Harmon says that opening weekend for the two time national championshas fansstocking up on new gear.

"Its been busy in the stores we are truly blessed and have been excited for it. The hats this year, that are on the field, this will be the first time that you can buy the hat with the Under Armour logo on it."

Fans, like Dustin Martin, saythey've been anticipatingthis weekendfor months.

"I've been waiting ever since I left Omaha eight months ago for opening day just to see the guys back on the field at Carolina Stadium," said Martin.

Freshman Zachary Hughes says he is looking forward to going to his first game as a student.

"I am excited to be going to a school where we have a good baseball team, hopefully we can go for that 3-peat," said Hughes.

Thisis Martins senior year and says he plans on being in the homestands as much as possible.

"I am going to miss five games due to church on Wednesdays but that should be the only five I miss, I can handle that."

With three wins already under their belt, the big question is Can they three-peat?

"I think they do, We got a good team for sure," said Hughes.

"I think a three peat is possible but its going be tough because everyone is gunning for you now," said Martin.

"We are winning, the fans are happy, and its just a good time right now," said Harmon.

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