Lexington, SC (WLTX) - Every week News19 recognizes outstanding educators with the Golden Apple Award.

This week's winner is Leroy Steigerwalt, a fifth-grade teacher at Kingsbury Elementary in Lexington.

Steigerwalt says hebelieves in hands on teaching.

"They [students] spend a lot of time in front of a computer," He says. "It's the human interaction they're missing."

Hecredits his approach to teachers that inspired him as a child.

"Mr. Reagan was a big influence," Steigerwaltsays. "He was a science teacher that made rocket and potato guns and melted quarters in the classroom, stuff like that."

And now his students have their favorite experiments in his class

"one time we did this kook aid experiment," remembers Sarah Rogers.

"Once in social studies we were talking about the Great Depression and we did a little stock market and only one student kept his money," says Dayton Jarquin.

From building an underwater world to actually seeing lessons in motion, the mantra is simple: "watch what happens."

"He makes learning a lot of fun," says Sarah Coker.

It's bringing lessons to lifethat led a parent to nominate for the Golden Apple Award.

"I'm probably red in the face right now cause i'm so excited," saidSteigerwaltafter receiving theaward. "I wanna find out what parent it was so i can find them and give them a big hug."

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