By Erick Smith


(USA TODAY) - If you have some extra cash laying around, you can own the infamous motorcycle former Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino was riding when he crashed last month.

Bobby Petrino crashed his motorcycle near Crosses, Ark., while riding with a female employee.

The motorcycle, a 2007 Harley-Davidson, is up for auction on The listed price for the vehicle is $16,000 with repair costs of $18,481.

The current bidding as of noon ET on Wednesday was $2,550.

Petrino was hospitalized with broken ribs after the crash. It was later discovered a female assistant, Jessica Dorrell, was riding with Petrino. The coach later admitted to having an inappropriate relationship with Dorrell which included a gift of $20,000 and misleading school officials.

Petrino was fired after the revelations and the school hired John L. Smith to replace him.

The auction is expected to close on May 30 so there's plenty of time to get your funding together. Let's hope whomever win the auction has better luck with the motorcycle than Petrino.

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