Orangeburg, SC (WLTX) - South CarolinaState University is hosting a program for high school studentsthat encourages diversity in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics industries through a series of speakers over three days.

"We really think that when itgets to some of those critical decision making moments that you have in your life, in your careers, at a university making a decision about major, that they can reflecton this experience," said Ty Taborn,TAP Leadership Symposium ProgramDirector. "Hopefully it will arm them to make the right decision thats best for them moving forward."

It's the program's first year in South Carolina with an inaugural class of 30. They hire college students from SC State to help shepard the high schoolers through the week.

TAP says they emphasize academic excellence and encourage planning for college, specifically in degrees that lead to careers in STEM industries.

During the three day program, a variety of speakers fly in from across the nation to speak to the students. Many of the speakers are actually alumni from SC State.

"We really want to show them that this is a great career way to go, personify it for them, so they can emulate the people we bring in."