Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Teachers in Richland One reported to school Monday and first year teachers had decorating their respective classrooms on the mind.

"I'm incorporating a theme in my classroom," said Ivy Jones, a first grade teacher at Carver Lyon Elementary. "So this year, my theme is going to be the jungle slash safari. You know, when you're going through the jungle or safari you're on an adventure and I want learning to be an adventure for my students."

As Jones began working on her classroom Monday, there was still a lot of work to do. This first year teacher said in a week when students hit the halls, she'd be ready.

"I think the biggest challenge I'm going to face is that I am a first year teacher," said Jones. "It's kind of a transition for mecoming in the first year and getting acquainted with the parents and making sure that me and my students build a relationship. I'm ready to meet my students and I'm ready to see their faces."

Many of Jones' ideas however have come from her affinity for a popular social media site where teachers across the globe are sharing their best ideas.

"Pinterest is like, like the teachers haven. If you want to find things to incorporate, pinterest has so many ideas," said Jones who is using a classroom discipline system based on a board she found on Pintrest. "It was so cute because it tied into the jungle theme. It said 'still monkeying around','I'm ruling the jungle',and at the bottom it's 'I'm not ruling the jungle'. So, they have choices they have to make to move up or move down."

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