Blythewood, SC (WLTX) -- Westwood High School is preparing to open its doors to studentsnext Thursday.

The school took about five years to build from conception to construction. Students are already getting acclimated to the school and preparing their fall schedules.

The 330,000 sq. ft. campus will house about 1,200 students.

'We're really just trying to use our 21st century skills, our 21st century community ideas and the technology to really take our kids to the next level," said Principal Ralph Schmidt.

Schmidt said the architect modeled the school after Duke University, but many students have already dubbed it as Hogwarts.

Although the architecture may give Westwood a traditional look, the school is very technology driven.

The classrooms feature tiered "stadium-style" seating and plasma TVs. The school also has four mainhubs that have "think tanks." Each think tank has dry erase board walls. The school also features a media room where students will produce the morning announcements and 15-minute broadcasts that they plan to stream live online.

"I think the big thing people need to understand is that this is a collaborative effort. A lot of people coming together doing great stuff," said Schmidt.

Schmidt said he's excited for new traditions.

"We have students coming from Ridgeview and Blythewood and Springvally and Northeast," he said "And we're bringing the best of all those schools here to develop the Westwood way."

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