Eastover, SC (WLTX) - On Friday morning in the Webber Elementary cafeteria, everywhere you looked, grandmothers and grandfathers could be seen.

It was the Annual Grandparents Day Breakfast, an event that Yvonne Hall has helped plan for more than a decade.

"Many of our grandparents actually parent our children," said Hall, the chairwoman of the school's improvement council. "They live in the homes of our children and they get them ready for school."

Among the guests was Joan Dowdy, a woman who takes her role seriously.

"It's just very important," Dowdy said. "We have a fiduciary responsibility as grandparents to make sure our grandchildren get a good education. "

Dowdy knows the importance of being a good role model after all she's a granddaughter too.

"My grandmother took me to the library when I was 5-years-old, made me join. "

She also made Dowdy promise to go to college and now, a bachelor's degree and two masters later she remembers the woman planted that seed in the first place.

"Every time I get a degree I say 'thank you Nana'."

Great grandmothers were there too.

"This is Nehemiah and I love him," said Dorothy Reese about her great-grandson.

"I love my great grandma," said Nehemiah. "I love her so much I don't ever want her to go away."

But even when she does because we all do eventually - she'll leave behind something invaluable.

"The children will see that their grandparents are backing them," said Hall. "They're encouraging them. If grandparents say it's good for you, then it must be good for you."