Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- It's hard not to notice the new uniforms for the USC drum majors and band members are wearing this season.

The major problem with the old one was the band looked like they were playing for an SEC rival.

"It was the Georgia red color," said Ben Spagnuolo,the drum majorfor the band. "It's really nice to be able to match our team now."

Not only were the uniforms the wrong color, but the band was hard to see.

"When the band is against the dark green field, sometimes the black or the garnet is more difficult to show up," said Director of Athletic Bands Rebecca Phillips.

And the old uniforms were made of wool, that make it uncomfortable to play in the "famously hot" city.

"They were very, very toasty. And living in Columbia, doesn't get cool very easily," said Kelsey Allen, who plays baritone.

The new uniforms have a different material which allows band members to stay cool. The material also keeps the uniforms stain-free.

"We had to go through and actually seedoes mustard comes off this white," said Phillips. "We drug them through grass and mud and clay. And everything but clay came out."

For band members, these new uniforms mean a whole lot more than looking good.

"You're no longer a student at Carolina, you're the Carolina spirit. That's a great honor and joy to be able to be apart of," said Spagnuolo.

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