Columbia, SC (WLTX) - On Thursday morning, approximately 60 students at A.J. Lewis Greenview Elementary took part in a world wide effort to break a world record.

The attempt was for the most number of kids exercising at the same time. The record was part of the JAM school program, where children exercise in their classrooms throughout the day in order to teach them the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

"Today we're participating in the world wide 'Jammin Minutes' world record," explained Sandy Baxter, the school's physical education teacher. "It is a program where students take a little break from their classroom and do a physical activity such as toe touches, anything with their arms and legs, anything to get them woken up a little bit and ready to go."

The JAM program is practiced in classrooms around the world and on Thursday morning, more than one million students took part in the record breaking attempt at 10:10am eastern time.

The program teaches kids that exercise is fun.

"When you go out for recess and you're playing tag," said 2nd grader Angelina Wilson, "that's running and trying to get the other person, that's exercising too!"

According to Baxter, exercise helps her students in academics too.

"Children tend to get a little bit tired mid morning and these are designed to help the children get breaks. It helps them wake up again, revitalize and refocus on their work."

"The earlier students start forming good habits in nutrition and exercising," Baxter said, "the more likely they are to hold onto it for a lifetime."

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