Columbia, SC (WLTX) - A letter claiming to be from a Texas company arrived in the mailbox of Columbia man Maynard Huebner.

"They sent me a check for $1500," said Huebner.

The letter claimed to hire secret shoppers and asked the shopper to use some of the money for purchasing items. It said the remaining funds should be sent back to the companythrough a wire transfer.

"The idea was that I would take this check and cash it," said Huebner. "I would then go buy some stuff and pay a service charge and then they wanted me to buy a postal money order within 24 hours and send them the left over $1500."

Huebner rightfully detected the letter was part of a scam.

News 19 contacted the BBB in Houston because the company lists it's address there. They told us over the phonethey've seen scams like this before.

"It's absolutely common. And as this economy has gone down it's become more and more coming," said Chrissie Casas with SCBT. Casas says SCBT trains their employees on scams like this one.

She also says if you're not sure about a check, take it to your local bank where a trained bank employee can take a look.

"This whole thing stunk right from the start," said Huebner. "I know there's a whole lot of fraud going on and it's just not right."

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