Hartsville, SC (WLTX) - The Hartsville community is still mourning the loss of one of their own, 18 year-old Ronald Rouse collapsed and died from a heart condition.

"It was so much energy, because this was their seventh game and they were winning and then out of nowhere everyone got silent," said Lorena Cruz a cheerleader for Harstville.

"Usually when a player falls down they get back up but he was down there for a while."

She says the thing she will miss the most is his contagious smile.

"Everyone loved him, it's difficult. If you need a shoulder to cry on he was there. If you needed a hug he was there, so he was there for everyone."

"Power Rouse", a nick name given by his teammates, was always known for his energy and now that he is gone. His teammates will play in his honor.

"Knowing that all he wanted to do is go to the state championship game and the team would be there. And once we get the ring and the trophy, I will know that they accomplished something for him and when we walk across that stage we all have accomplished something as a family."

The Hartsville community knows the feeling of losing a student all too well, this is the third student death at the schoolthis year.

"He was the one who was keeping my head up high and try to not make me cry and now that he is gone it's like, who is going to be here for me when you are gone. He will be missed; it's difficult when you lose someone you care about a lot."

This small town is feeling the loss and showing respect as flags are being flown half staff and students will wear red to remember Ronald's energetic spirit.