Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Saturday night at Williams-Brice Stadium gave USC a lot of thrills--but not all of them were from what took place during the game.

The Faile family of Kershaw, SC, got a special surprise when Sergeant First ClassScott Faile (who's stationed in Korea)surprised them on the field.

Here's how it played out. The family (his wife two children) were brought onto the field as the Columbia Metropolitan Airport Military Family of the Game. They then saw a videotaped message from Sgt. Faile, explaining how much he loved and appreciated their support. At the end of the message, Faile said how he wished he could be there with them to see the Gamecocks beat up on Georgia.

However, right as that message ended, Faile came out of one of the tunnels of the stadium and walked onto the field. His family raced over to hug him, and the crowd roared in approval.

But words don't do this story justice. To see the magical moment play out, click on the YouTube video below:

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