Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Gamecock fans packed into Five Points to celebrate USC's victory over the Georgia Bulldogs, but the Columbia Police Department saysthe cityhad success on and off the field.

"Our officers had two roles. They were there to make sure they kept the peace and to make sure we were helpful to people that were visiting Five Points," saidDeputy Chief Ruben Santiago.

According to numbers from the department, Columbia Police made more total arrests this weekend than the last two.
Total arrests from Thursday to Friday came in at 89.
The previous week that number was 56 and the week before that 25.

Santiago says those figures reflect more citations and contacts made in Five Points.

The actual number of people arrested and taken into custody on Saturday following the USC game was 18.
The previous Saturday that number came in at 10, but the week before that it was 30.

Santiago says their 30 additional officers and sky watch unit allowed them to make it a safer weekend for visitors.

"It gave us a birds-eye view of what was going on and actually it helped in three different scenarios where possible physical altercations were about to happen and were able to use a spotlight and actually loud intercom to ask them to disperse," he said.

CPD's Five Points Charges Following the USC game included:

  • 14 possession/consumption of alcohol charges
  • 13 disorderly conduct charges
  • 13 traffic citations
  • 8 drunkenness charges
  • 4 resisting arrests
  • 3 assaults

CPD says officers did not witness or receive reports of any fights over the weekend, and Santiago says the community's attitude in Five Points helped make the weekend a good one.

"I think you had a lot of people coming down there with the mindset of hey, we wanna help the police out so I think we had a the community and the people down inFive Points policing themselves. We had a lot of people come up to us telling us they enjoyed seeing the police officer and at the same time how helpful they were," said Santiago.

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