Harlem, GA (WLTX) -- Whether you saw it in person, at the game or online, you can't help but be taken back by the Faile family's surprise reunion on the field at Williams Brice Stadium.

With a sold out stadium, nearly 86,000 fans in attendance, the Faile family were given a surprise they say, they never saw coming.

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He's an admitted jokester, gamecock football fanatic, and loving father of two children. "Yeah, It's no fun being away from the family," while he's spent the past 12 months in Korea, Sgt. 1st Class Scott Faile has only had one thing on his mind.

"I knew the day I left exactly what day I was coming home."

He told his wife Tammy before he left for duty that he entered them into a military family appreciation contest through the Columbia Metropolitan Airport and USO, who sponsors a Military Family at every home football game at Williams Brice Stadium.

"Well back and forth for about a month I kept saying 'we must not have won,' and I was getting upset. Know the whole time he was just waiting," said Tammy.

"I knew how good it was going to get them. I mean I like playing jokes on my kids a lot. But I really didn't expect it to do all this," said Scott.

While overseas, Sgt. 1st Class Faile contacted the University of South Carolina, who made sure the Faile family would be on the field for a family reunion unlike any other.

"So we got there. They escorted us in, did a whole tour of the stadium, that was the first time that I had been to a Carolina Gamecock football game," said Tammy. "And then they were going to do the presentation."

"But then?" Asked News19.

"Then he came on the screen. (I was) crying. Very upset that he's not there, and I was touched and completely moved by what he said but my whole thought was. He's not here, he's not here!" Said Tammy.

At least not yet. Faile had flown in Friday night before, stayed in a hotel not to tip off anyone, and was hiding out in a coaches office before the game. Then, in front of 85,000 screaming fans, he walked out of the tunnel in full camouflage gear.

"Once I saw him, I didn't hear anything else. That was it. It could have been completely silent or it could have been louder than what it was and I never would have heard it. It was like everything else was drowned out," said Tammy.

Laughing, his daughter Breanna says she tried to keep up with her mother running towards her dad at full speed. "I wanted to run and be the first but that definitely didn't happen because some people were trying to trip me up," said Breanna.

Their son Cameron had a similar reaction. "I don't know how my mom out ran me. That's all I can tell you," said Cameron.

It was a mission accomplished for dad. "You love your family and that's something you say everyday, but to show them how much you appreciate them, that's a different story," said Scott.

While the Faile family is reunited, their thoughts are with other military families who may not as lucky to have their soldier back home.

"This was done for us but it's not just for us, it's for all of them out there, even the ones that are still gone. You know, it gives them hope," said Tammy.

It's a homecoming surprise that's garnered the attention of a nation, but more importantly, the attention of a family who's been without their dad for more than a year.

"And that's my husband. That's my husband. Ill see you real, real soon," said Tammy.

Sgt. First Class Faile tells News19 he does not have any orders to be deployed again at this time. He says he is going to relax, take his son Cameron to his football games, and spend with his family. What a way to be welcomed home.

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