Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- After eight months overseas, Maj. Danny Banks crashes his daughter's lunch at school.

"She told my husband that she had a dream that he was going to surprise her this way," Consuelo Banks said.

Dreams came true fro fifth grader, Danielle Banks. Her dad wanted to surprise his daughter at lunch even though he and her aren't fond of surprises.

"I really don't like surprises. Danielle, she doesn't like surprises either. But, this is onethat goes down as one of those magical moments," Major Banks said. "Wouldn't trade it for the world."

Tia Meekins, who oversees the school's news channel that Danielle is a part of, helped plan the event.

"I had spoken to Mrs. Banks Friday afternoon after 'Muffins for Moms' and she mentioned to me that they were going to surprise Danielle," Meekins said. "That was a plan of theirs, to surprise Danielleat lunch, so I knew I had to set some things in motion."

Meekins had Maj. Banks and his wife sneak into the school through the cafeteria loading dock. Principal Sean Bishton told the fifth graders news crews wanted to get video of the school's healthy lunches.

"I thought they were just going to view our lunch because that's what I had heard," Danielle said.

After a quick intro from the principal, daddy and daughter were reunited.

"I have no idea what I'm going to say when I see her and the only thing that came out was 'Danielle.' Sowhen I saw her run across the table and give me a hug. It was a magical moment," Maj. Banks said.

"Actually my mind was blank. I was too shocked to think,"Danielle said."My dad is the best person, the best adult that I've ever met. I can never ask for anybody else, ever."

After surprising Danielle at Rice Creek Elementary, Maj. Banks headed over to surprise his son at his middle school.