Columbia, SC (WLTX) - It's a song that Gamecock fans have made their own - the techno hit "Sandstorm." Driving through one Forest Acres neighborhood, you'll see a different version than the one performed in the stands at Williams-Brice,but one with just as much electricity.

"The neighbors refer to us as the Halloween Griswolds," explains Tim Wood.Heand his family have been upping the ante, and the voltage, working to keep that title for the past 12 years. "We started off with just a few pumpkins, then we started adding more lights. We started adding music to the Halloween evening and as it progressed, more and more crowds started build," he says.

But this year, there's even more to see. Says Tim, "We call it the singing house."It's gotone number that'll be pretty familiar to Gamecock fans. "Since USC's been doing so well the past couple of years, we've done "Sandstorm," with the USC flags. Something to get the neighbors kinda psyched up for the games on the weekend," he explains.

The lights dance along with what's become a celebration of all things Gamecock. "It's a computer network. You program a song, and it's got so many channels. If you could describe it, it's like you've got 100-200 little guys switching lights on and off at the same time," says Tim.

Daughter Gabi is a big part of making the show happen and spreading the word too. "I usually bring friends over and then they tell people about it, so more people know about it," she says.And while she is a Carolina fan, she's got some other songs she likes to see performed just a bit more.

"Any Justin Beiber song," sheanswers quickly, smiling.

With those Justin Beiber songs in the mix, along with a host of other pop music hits, the Wood's Halloween show is one that will get you charged for the holiday or for the football season.

The biggest show will be on Halloween night with bubble machines, fog machines, a disco ball and dancing ghosts. It's at 3829 Linbrook Avenue in Columbia and if you drive by, be sure to tune your radio to 92.7 so that you'll be able to hear the music and watch the show from your car.