Columbia, SC (WLTX) A Columbia Police officer was involved in a shooting at the 700 block of Vernon Street according to CPD spokesperson Jennifer Timmons.

Officers wereresponded to Vernon and Tremont street around 5:00pm after residents called 911 reporting a man with a gun in the area.

When police arrived, they approached two suspects. Onesuspect was shotand is in custodyand transported to a hospital. The second suspect is also in custody. Columbia Police Chief Randy Scott spoke with reporters at the scene.

"We don't know if he shot first and really I don't care if he shot first. If he had a firearm and my officer was confronted with it, my main concern is my officer's safety and the citizens safety," said Scott.

SLED has begun it's investigation, which is standard procedure in any shooting involving an officer. Scott says the officer was not shot in the altercation.

"The officer is ok. He is up at headquarters. I don't believe at this point that the individual that was shot is life threatening. I'm unsure at this point. But I do know that no citizens in the area were hurt. The area is secure with all law enforcement right now," said Scott.

News19 will have more information as it comes available.

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