Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- The Gamecocks took a step back in the polls, but the biggest setback could be running back Marcus Lattimore's bruised hip.

"It's basically running into a telephone pole."

USC's go-to running back Marcus Lattimore experiences that feeling every Saturday. And last Saturday Coach Spurrier said Marcus Lattimore suffered a bruised hip.

With the showdown in the swamp coming up, will Lattimore be on the bench or on the field?

"It's a pretty standard, common thing that they have. Even for them to mention it is a little bit odd because a lot of these guys get bruised up like that," said Dr. Mickey Plymale with Moore Orthopedic.

Even though it's common, doesn't mean it isn't painful.

"The muscle has a lot of blood supply to it and when you get hit in a muscle, it bleeds. Just like most other tissues. And that bleeding causes a lot of inflammation, a lot of discomfort, a lot of muscle spasms," said Dr. Chris Mazoue, with USC's sports medicine center.

Spurrier said Lattimore should be able to play against the Gators. But, this injury does require some rehab. Dr. Mazoue works with USC athletes.

"What we're trying to do is reduce the swelling and then get muscle strength back. Because when a muscle gets injured, it doesn't want to fire, it doesn't want to work because it hurts," Mazoue said. "So, athletic trainers are really working hard to try to get the strength back in the muscle that was involved and the surrounding muscles because they become very weak."

Some rehab techniques for this type of injury include constant ice and compression, weight training and bicycling. And depending on how deep the injury is, Lattimore could bounce back in days or weeks.

"Some of those deeper injuries can take a long time to recover. But in general, these are athleteswho want to play and as long as they show us thatthey can fire the muscles and they're not hurting too much, then we let them get back out there," Mazoue said.

Right now Coach Spurrier said Lattimore will be off the field for the next few days.

You can catch USC versus UF right here on WLTX. The showdown in the swamp pre-game show is at 2:30 and kick off is at 3:30.

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