Elgin, SC (WLTX) - Sending your young child off to school in hopes that their teacher will take the best care of them as possible can be scary for parents. However, that is not the case for parents whose children are in Mrs. Tammy Frierson's class.

Tammy Frierson, a teacher at Spears Creek Road Child Development and Montessori School in Elgin, is News19's Golden Apple Award winner this week.

Walking into her classroom, anyone would be hard pressed to find a student this teacher doesn't adore.

"They make me see the joy in life," Frierson said of her students.

All of her 3, 4 and 5- year-old students feel the exact same way about her.

"She's great!" said a child named Jasymn. "She does, like everything for us!"

5-year-old Luke agrees. "She's really nice! My mom said she was gonna be. "

Every morning Mrs. Frierson walks into her classroom grateful.

"I love what I do," Frierson explained. "I think that it's my calling. I think it's what God created me to do. I have fun! It's not hard for me. "

Frierson uses her positive attitude to help kids find their calling no matter how young.

Take Luke for example. Frierson took notice of his vivacious personality and encouraged him to start acting in a drama program.

"I've been on stage four times!" Luke shares proudly."It's really important to learn your lines and the fun thing about it is the play."

Not only does this Frierson bring encouragement to the teaching profession but humor and 17 years of experience.

All of these reasons are why Mrs. Tammy Frierson is News19's Golden Apple Award Winner.

"I love my babies, I love my families, I love my job! I wouldn't be doing it otherwise. I think everyone has a calling and I think this is mine."

If you know a teacher that's deserving, you can visit any Midlands BI-LO store, pick up a Golden Apple Nomination form and tell us why you think your favorite teacher deserves the honor.

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