Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- USC's student government is trying to light the way for students to get to Five Points safely.

"When you're walking to Five Points it's dark and it's a little scary and having that blue light shining in the distance is really almost a beacon of hope that you're going to be safe," Ryan Bailey with USC's StudentSenate said.

With acts of violence being seen more and more in the Five Points area, USC's student government association is trying to make sure students get there and back safely under their new "Safety Pathway Project."

"What I did one night is I went down and walked all the different pathways and saw that they were the shortest and well lit and safest ways," Bailey said. "And the concerns were thatthere weren't any call boxes in between the areas where there were already callboxes or there weren't any call boxes at all.

Callboxesare installed all over campus, but not so much on the perimeter.

"Any time you press one of the call boxes, within 60 seconds a police officer will arrive," Bailey said.

"If you're in trouble or you need need to talk to somebody, you'll push the button and somebody withat comes over theintercom and says 'University Police,'" said Kenny Tracy, USC's student body president.

The idea is to put call boxes on Blossom, College and Greene streets -- the most traveled paths for students to get to Five Points. And although the idea is full of benefits, the budget is lacking. Each call box costs about $5,500 and they want five to six installed.

"This is a city related thing we should be able to find funding in areas that aren't student activity fees, stuff that isn't the student government budget, stuff that's not the university police budget," Bailey said. "I want to be able to search for things with the city, with Five Points."

Even though the call boxes were an idea from USC students, they're looking forward to it benefitting the entire city.

"As a University of South Carolina student we're 30,000 kids in Columbia. It's not just USC is our home, Columbia is our home. And we have to do whatever we can to improve that lifestyle as well," Bailey said.

The proposal still has to go through the USC student senate and be voted on. The hope is to have them installed by Christmas or the end of the school year.

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