Irmo, SC (WLTX) -- A political sign in a Midlands classroom has parents unhappy.

Laurie Humphrey, a teacher at Dutch Fork High School, had a placard near her desk that reads, "The road to hell is paved with Democrats."

A student snapped the picture and a parent sent it to News 19.

Lexington Richland District 5 has strict policies for teachers and staff participation in political activities. The policy reads:

- "The board opposes those actions that transform the schools into arenas for political activity. Activities that substantially disrupt or materially interfere with school activities are prohibited."

- "No employee will, during school hours, on district-owned property or at a school-sponsored event, influence, or attempt to influence, and student, teacher, parent/legal guardian or other person to vote for or against any candidate for public office."

"In an abundance of caution this year, because it's a political season we produced a flyer which really laid out in great detail the do's and don't's for teachers and other staff members,"Mark Bounds with the school district said. "It spells out really clearly you shouldn't advocate for a specific candidate or political party."

The district said the school has already handled the matter and took "appropriate action" with Humphrey. The district also said they don't want to discourage any teachers from participating in politics.

"Being a teacher doesn't take away your rights as a citizen. So, after hours on your own time we encourage teachers, we want them to be politically active, but they shouldn't do it in a way that makes any student feel uncomfortable," Bounds said.

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