Cayce, SC (WLTX) -- The halls of East Point Academy in Cayce were buzzing with excitement on Wednesday, but not just because it was Halloween.

"Our students inK-4 through third grade chose a book that was their favorite book, they read the book, wrote a book report, and then transformed a pumpkin into their character from the book," said Renee Mathews, director of the school.

Mathews hopes projects like this will spark more interest with the kids cracking the books, both now and in the future.

Mathews said, "We want them to love reading, we want them to see reading as fun and a gateway to imagination, so by putting this art project together, this creative project along with reading, it gives them the opportunity to express themselves creatively and to have fun."

That sort of affection for reading is already happening for students like 2nd grader Violet Kelly, she composed her report on Harry Potter.

Violet said, "It's fun and I love all books."

It is that fun and love that Mathews hopes will be contagious to all the students at East Point Academy.

Mathews said, "Not only can they read and enjoy, but they can extend that reading into creative and imaginative projects and also they can choose their character and then transform something that is not like their character at all to look like their character."

East Point Academy is a public charter school with Chinese immersion, meaning that the students study Chinese 50% of the day and the other50% they study English language arts.

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