Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Facebook as of late has been focused on increasing the bottom line for its' still-newly found stock owners.

But by doing so, they've come up with some creative ways to expand their profits on their social network, beyond the typical advertising you'll see in the right-rail of your screen.

One result of this is that many have reached out to us, saying they're missing our news updates when they log onto Facebook now, and are surprised when they visit our page directly to see the last post was perhaps right around that time they logged on.

How YOU can see more posts from the Pages you "Like"

Facebook just recently introduced a feature that should allow you, the user, to designate how many posts you see from the pages you've clicked 'Like' on, everything from News 19 WLTX to major brands like Coke and Apple.

There are two things you can do:

  1. Visit the page you've liked, hover your mouse over the "Liked" button, and then a menu will appear. Select "Show In News Feed" if there is not a check-mark next to it.
    (see the image above)

  2. Right next to that "Liked" button, there's a button with a grey gear shape on it. When you click that, the first option available to you is "Add To Interest Lists" if you don't have one, you can create one easily right there.

In theory, when you tell Facebook that you'd like to see posts in your news feed, theyshouldnow appear more often.

Once you've created your interest lists, they'll appear on the left side of your Facebook home page close to the bottom.

'Free' Means 'Free,' Right?

Facebook knew that hundreds of thousands of companies have been using their platform to promote their own brands, share business news, and advertise on what is basically a free platform for users.

One option for the California company was to start charging fees for usage, but they stand by their original tenet of keeping it free for everyone. Instead they've come up with creative ways to charge companies that are using Facebook to promote themselves.

So how to generate profit then?

In comes the "Promoted Post" for brands like News 19 WLTX, CNN, Nike, Coke, etc.
For a fee, Facebook will guarantee that more users will see our posts. The more we pay the more we'll be seen: for paying up to $2,000, we would be guaranteed that 250,000 Facebook users will see our post.

Since we can't afford to spend thousands per week on there, we don't pay to promote our post, and we see an average of about 10% of our Facebook followers actually see what we put up there.

The math gurus at Facebook created a complex calculation, called a "Facebook Edgerank," that takes a deep look at the number of followers a page has (like ours) and then figures in how much actual interaction every post gets, and designates how many of their followers get to see posts from that page. Confusing? I was too.

Edgerank vs. Followers vs. Interactions

Say a TV news station posts a few stories per day, with a few hundred followers. If almost all of their followers clicks the 'Like,' writes comments, and sends the post off to their own friends, that page gets a high Edgerank, and their followers continue to see lots of their posts.

On the other hand, if a page has tens of thousands of followers, and the over-all percentage of those interactions like comments and shares is a relatively low percentage of those tens of thousands of followers, then less and less of the posts from that page are seen by those followers.

Hopefully by taking these two steps you'll start to see more of our posts again on Facebook!

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