Columbia, SC (WLTX)-- News19 has learned The South Carolina Department of Information Technology was not asked immediatelyto monitor the systems at the Department of Revenue that were breached.

DSITFriday told us that they were not asked to monitor the systems where the breached data was housed and only began full monitoring of their systems on October 20th.

In September, 3.6 million Social Security numbers and almost 400,000 credit and debit numbers were compromised. Also, this week WLTX found out that information from about 657,000 South Carolina businesses may have been compromised in this hack.

News 19 received this response from the Department of Revenue:

"The Department of Revenue used TrustWave, one of the world's leading information technology and data security firms, because the department, as with any entity handling credit card information, is required to be PCI compliant by the world's major credit card companies to safeguard financial information. DSIT, while a wonderful program, does not provide PCI compliance, and therefore the department was required to use a third-party vendor such as TrustWave."

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