Columbia, SC (WLTX) - If a fire starts it will spread quickly and for kids can be overwhelming.

"Every child should know how to get out of their house, where to go, and where to meet and what to do after that," said Joshua Stout, a fire safety educator at Edventure.

Stout is running an exhibit called Home Safe Home that is changing how families learn about fire.

"A big part of the exhibit is making a home fire escape plan which a lot of parents don't make for their kids but it's absolutely tantamount to staying safe at home if there's an emergency," said Stout.

Stout says many times, kids that stop by the exhibit think they know what to do in an emergency, but really do not.

"They say 'if there's a fire in my house, I know I need to stop drop and roll'.No matter what, that's what they think they should do," said Stout. "So what I do is I say, 'no that's what you should do if your clothes are on fire. What you should do if you're in a house and the smoke alarm goes off is get out of the house'. They go, 'Oh, I never thought of that."

The exhibit actually helps families make an escape plan and gives them a chance to practice getting out alive.

"The best way to overcome in instincts of kids which is to hide or run away, is to practice what to do if there is an emergency."