Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Just days after the chaos at the polls in Richland County the chairwoman of the Richland County Election Commission is answering WLTX's questions about what happened.

"For the very long lines, that was unacceptable, we will not let that happen again," said Richland County Election Commission Chairwoman Liz Crum.

Days after a stressful election for many voters in Richland County, Chairwoman Liz Crum made a public apology for the scarce number of voting machines and broken machines at precincts.

"Why the numbers of machines were reduced I don't know that. I found out they were reduced at my precinct when I got there to vote on Tuesday," said Crum.

Crum says there are more than 700 voting machines that were sent out to 112 precincts around the county. However some precincts only had 2 or 3 working machines.

"It's no excuse some of the lines could have been from our staff thinking fewer people were coming to vote because of the high absentee numbers, that is no excuse. We need to make sure there are adequate machines at each precinct and comply with state law."

A record number of 41,000 absentee voters voted before Election Day. Crum says that played a factor in underestimating the number of voters and the number of voting machines on Election Day.

"We don't know how many people were going to go to each specific precinct because we don't know where the absentee people come from when they come to vote absentee that is nothing we can tabulate."

As for the broken machines, Crum says there are 18 technicians in the county and they requested more from the state election commission.

She says some options to fix this problem would be buy new machines and create early voting in South Carolina.

"We have a number of questions that we need to have answered so we can make sure this never happens again."