(WLTX) - Just because someone is good at his job, does that make him a bad person? Well, it shouldn't - but that's the way it goes for video arcade villains. And Wreck-It Ralph has been doing a good job at being a bad guy for over thirty years now! He's the antagonist of the game, "Fix-It Felix, Jr." He does the wrecking and Felix does the fixing. It's a pretty good partnership that has stood the test of time. Regardless, all of his efforts seem to go unnoticed.

Ralph is not alone in his depression. We quicklydiscover that there are other arcade miscreants who share in his lack of appreciation. They've learned to take things "one game at a time." But, after being shunned at the "Fix-It Felix, Jr." anniversary party, he decides to take matters into his own oversized hands and go Turbo!

Aside from the imaginative storyline, "Wreck-It Ralph" creatively utilizes several different styles of digital animation. Since these characters come from various video games, they also sport various degrees of resolution. It's the kind of detailed attention that makes me highly encourage a three-dimensional viewing.

Now, despite my obvious admiration, I won't say this is a perfect movie. Things get pretty violent during Ralph's quest for heroic approval. They also get very sweet and stagnant in the land of "Sugar Rush." This, however, is also where he discovers what he needed all along...someone to love him. I'm betting you will too. Everyone should see "Wreck-It Ralph." It's a SMASH!

By Lee O. Smith, News19 Movie Reviewer